New Holiday: Pesach Shiny

While Jews round the world will be observing Pesach Sheni, AsAJews have decided to make their own holiday to supersede it. Instead of Pesach Sheni, the second chance taken by Jews who may have missed observing certain parts of Pesach and to otherwise grow and improve by others, AsAJews have dedicated this day to the opening of their individual Tzaddik Boxes.

A Tzaddik Box, coined by AsAJew Dru Saymor, prospective Tikkun Olamist Rabbi, is in his words, “like a tzedakah box because the names have the same root.” The idea is that every time one does something that one knows is good down in their gut, they take something shiny, a piece of mirror, a sparkle, part of their grandma’s jewelry, what have you, and they deposit it in their personal Tzaddik Box. On Pesach Shiny, they then dump out all the shinies, glue them to a poster, hold it up, and take pride in the tzaddik staring back at them. But it doesn’t stop there! Then those part of the movement (sponsored in no small part by ASSPAC, AntiSemiteSPAC) will post photos of their reflections to social media and make lawn signs of their creations.

“The idea behind it is feeling, raw feeling,” Saymore said. “If you know in your gut that what you’re doing is right, you don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong, not even the people you’re helping. It’s a matter of your destiny.”

So will the originator and organizers behind the Tzaddik Box make like Colel Chabad with its pushkas and mail free supplies for all who wish to participate or even those who don’t have access to many shinies or supplies? “No. That’s part of the work. The more righteous you are, the more shinies you’ll have.”

When asked where his inspiration came, Saymore did not hold back: “There’s nothing out there that encourages value of the self in justice. Nothing. It’s horrendous. It’s even looked down upon as self-centering when you post a photo of you doing charity beautifully. The Tzaddik Box is there to remind us that we who do charity are the beautiful ones no matter what social media and religion tell us about being ‘humble.’ Humbleness rhetoric is ageist repressionistic suppressionism. Less modern forms of Judaism are just trying to hold people down with their encouragement of self-abnegativity. Anyone can be a tzaddik. Anyone. That’s what we’re moving towards in Tikkun Olamism: others call us AsAJews only because we’re so righteous we have to shield ourselves with our heritage. We’re the tzaddiks and we have to show them and the world that, Jewish or not.”

Upward comet emoji filtered to have blue, red, orange, and yellow colors.

The previous is parody/satire. No person, group, philosophy, or idea is represented.

Thanks for reading!



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